A 5-day-long journey with Dirce – Day 4 Part II

IMG_8573Yesterday evening, after enjoying our guided tour through Sant’Angelo in Lizzola, Conventino in Monteciccardo and Montefabbri, Where Lemons Blossom was hosted by a family in Montefabbri (one of Italys’ most beautiful villages, ‘I Borghi più belli d’Italia’) where we spent a lovely, unforgettable Dinner at home within the project Un Paese e Cento Storie (‘One Village and a Hundred Stories’). Six adults representing three different nationalities; four Italians from three different regions; one lovely six-year-old child opening the dinner with a great joke on artichoke ice-creams; one dog; four adorable cats (mother cat with three kittens). One table, a large warm kitchen and a thousand stories. Thank you Enrico and Olessia for opening to us the door (actually the many doors!) of your house as if we were old friends, for sharing your kitchen (the heart of your house) with such a great naturalness, making us feel at ease and welcomed. The food was exceptional (I would need an entire post to write about it) but what when I think of yesterday evening the first thing that I recollect is Olessia’s smile and her sense of humor, Nino’s sweet joke on artichoke ice-cream and his diligence while writing our (difficult) names on our place cards, the passion of Enrico’s words while talking about  past achievements and future projects. A big, heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Olessia and Enrico for all the caring details which made us feel so welcomed (one detail for all: the tangerine Olessia slipped, unseen, into my friend’s coat which she found this morning and which made her smile), for the love you put into the food you shared with us and the passion you put into your life.

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