A 5-day-long journey with Dirce – the Grand Finale

Happy 10th birthday, Dirce!

the birthday cake for Dirce turning 10

Yesterday afternoon Where Lemons Blossom complete staff attended the ‘Grand Finale’ of the event ‘One Village and a Hundred Stories’. While I was running back and forth taking thousands of pictures, Costanza enjoyed an educational laboratory for children by Fattoria del Borgo (Montefabbri) where Olessia engaged children, with her great vitality, in artistic activities aiming at raising food awareness. Walter, Food & Wine guy at WBL, was (needless to say!) concentrated on tasting vin brulé and roasted chestnuts, offered by AVIS from Tavullia, whereas we all – in the end – enjoyed a piece of birthday cake and made a heartfelt toast to Dirce turning 10 years old.

The whole village of Belvedere Fogliense turned into a great big family and the inhabitans welcomed guests opening the many doors of the little borgo. Starting from Ida’s house – the ‘guardian angel’ of Belvedere and personification of the most generous and open-minded hospitality – where I was offered coffee and limoncello – I visited all the places of ‘Un Paese e Cento Storie’. I know them all by heart, but never get tired of taking pictures of them, as each time I attend the event’s final party (the ‘Grand Finale’), I always get moved. I’m particularly fond of ‘Pinocchio workshop’ at Barolucci house (it really looks like ‘Geppetto’ works there) and I usually take most of the pictures inside this unusual laboratory (I must have hundreds at home!).

This 10th edition ended with a ‘Grand Finale’: popular music and dances with Benandanti group and a final birthday cake for everybody to celebrate hospitality and friendship.

Thank you, Dirce, for this 5-day-long unforgettable journey!


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