Give us Italo back

This morning, at noon, Where Lemons Blossom – together with Dirce and Cristina Ortolani – organized a flash mob at Pesaro Railway Station on the occasion of Italo’s last journey on the Adriatic coast. As a matter of fact Italo – the only competitor to Trenitalia – decided to ‘suspend’ its service on the Adriatic line. It must not be a coincidence that Italo’s last journey on the Adriatic coast happened on December 13th: Santa Lucia, il giorno più corto che ci sia (Saint Lucy, the shorter day of all which in Italian is a rhyme).

In a way today is the shorter day of all because Italo – who had direct trains to Milan and Turin from Pesaro – was a much better train if compared to Trenitalia: modern wagons (with Internet connection always working!), more comfortable seats, cleaner bathrooms, great care in the food they served (they even have a collaboration with Eataly!).

Walter Vannini – who had the idea of joining the initiative ‘Ridateci Italo’, Give us Italo back, got stuck in London because of yesterdays’ strike and could not be at Pesaro station this morning with us. However, the aim of our flash mob was that of taking a red box (red as Italo) to track n.2 and collect the letters of Italo’s affectionate passengers in order to give them to the train manager.

Mission accomplished! Together with us Matteo (sorry Matteo, I didn’t catch your family name) and local press representatives.

Where Lemons Blossom was there because Italo’s suppression will affect, I believe, tourists flow besides creating a real inconvenience to commuters.

GIVE US ITALO BACK (pleeease)!


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  1. Today has been a terrible day for Italy and also for Italy’s weather! I’m still waiting for my girlfriemd who was meant to be here today to find a flight because of the strike..

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