A (last) overview on Italian Christmas holidays food before getting back to work (tomorrow)

IMG_9035Ok, let’s face it: the party is over. I mean, even for us lucky Italians (lucky because Christmas celebrations start from Christmas Eve to Befana – Epiphany – Day, which means they go on continuously from Dec. 24th to Jan. 6th and when I say continuously I mean that we basically never stop celebrating, and therefore eating, for about two weeks!). Tomorrow everybody gets back to work, even latecomers like me. So, instead of starting complaining, I will concentrate on the wonderful Christmas holidays I spent with my family, friends and loved ones… mostly around the table eating gourmet home-made traditional recipes. So, here is a photogallery of our traditional ‘holiday season food’: you’ll see ‘brodetto di pesce’ (a traditional fish soup we eat at Christmas Eve but much more than a ‘fish soup’ as every five kilometers around here you find a different way of making  traditional ‘brodetto’ – basically every family has its own recipe); ‘cappelletti‘ (similar to ‘tortellini’, literally ‘little hoods’ beacuse of their shape, filled with meat and Parmesan cheese); salad with ‘puntarelle’ (I could not find a translation for that, sorry guys!) with anchovies and wine vinegar; stewed guinea-hen with lemon peel, black olives and ham; cardoons; ‘panettone’ (our Italian typical Christmas cake we ‘imported’ from Milanese tradition!); cream puffs; ‘ciambellone’ – a simple traditional cake with eggs, flour, butter, milk and sugar deriving its name from its ‘ciambella’, ring, shape; and… the list is still very long but I have Costanza – sick with chicken pox on her birthday! – who is waiting to play with me! In the photogallery you’ll see a picture of grandma Lella who has made most of the Holiday food we enjoyed lately and whose cooking ability inspired more than a post on our blog! So, thank you nonna Lella! Yes, the holiday season is over: KEEP CALM AND… MAKE A YUMMY SOUND 🙂

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