The Sephardic synagogue in Pesaro

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day I would like to post again our visit to Pesaro Sephardic synagogue last year

                IMG_3636                IMG_3668

I’ve already written a few times about the Sephardic sinagogue in Pesaro, dating back to the 16th century, and about Pesaro old Jewish Ghetto (its narrow streets are my favourite scenario when I feel like walking alone with the sole company of my thoughts).

However, today I would like to share with you a few pictures of the inside of the synagogue which I took yesterday afternoon.

Following is a brief history of the synagogue that I owe to Pesaro Musei (by the way, I would like to thank the personnel  of Pesaro Musei who kindly welcomed me yesterday allowing me to take pictures).

The Synagogue (text provided by Pesaro Musei)

For security reasons there is nothing on the exterior to suggest the religious function of this brick building.

The men’s entrance is on the south-eastern front facing Jerusalem. Next to this, though smaller, is the women’s which leads directly…

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