Self-service Café at the Civic Museums: a meeting point for tourists (and Pesaresi)

Last Sunday, before taking Costanza to her birthday party, Walter took me and Costanza to the self-service Café inside the Civic Museums in Pesaro: a very peculiar and surprisingly warm environment where both tourists visiting the museum and people just passying by may stop and have a tea, a coffe or an infusion, surrounded by beautiful ceramic works.

The ‘Caffetteria dei Musei Civici’ – located on the ground floor inside Palazzo Mosca close to the bookshop and the ticket office – is available during the museum opening hours. Entrance is free.

In this comfortable and relaxing area and you may want to sip your cup of coffee close to the set of porcelain given to the Marquis Francesco Mosca by Napoleon during his stay in Pesaro in 1797 or to other contemporary pottery; as a matter of fact, the ‘Caffetteria’ is also a Design Store where you may shop the most beautiful ceramics of the province of Pesaro and Urbino.


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