Pork day in Rimini

Simona and I decided it was best to catch a dinner out the very day she was back from Strasbourg, since the followin week would be rather hectic.

So, with just a little hint from yours truly, we chose an old Osteria in Rimini I had discovered during a dinner with the local CoderDojo.

Why that specific place, 40km away? Because pork.

That particular night was Pork Night. Or, as they write in the local vernacular La zurnèda de baghìn (the Day of the Pork)

What is a Pork Night? An eight-course meal of pork.

And not just any pork, but their very own pork, raised and fed every year specifically for this night.

Here’s the plan for the dinner:

  1. Ciccioli (greaves)
  2. Coppa di testa (head coppa)
  3. Salsiccia in umido con fagioli (Sausage and bean stew)
  4. Polenta con ragu di salsiccia e costarelle (Polenta with sausage and rib ragu)
  5. Ravioli ripieni di patate e salsiccia con pancetta e cubetti di pane toscano (Potato- and sausage-filled ravioli with unsmoked bacon and bread cubes)
  6. Grigliata di salsiccia e braciole (grilled sausage and ribs)
  7. costicce in umido con carciofi (ribs and artichoke stew)
  8. patate con pancetta e cipolla (potatoes, unsmkoed bacon and onions stir-fry)
  9. Castagnole

FULL DISCLOSURE: we passed on the castagnole.


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