On Rossini’s (un)birthday

Simona proudly showing the celebratory pin on Rossini’s (un)birthday

On Gioachino Rossini’s (un)birthday (he was born in Pesaro on February 29th!), the Municipality of Pesaro organized many free events, this year, to (un)celebrate his ‘compleanno’: concerts, laboratories for children, guided tours, conferences and much more.

Last Sunday morning Walter, Costanza, ‘auntie’ Chicca and I went to visit the so-called ‘Rossini’s little Temple’ (‘Tempietto Rossiniano’): some sort of precious treasure chest within the Music Conservatory, entitled to the Pesarese composer, where a few of Rossini’s mementoes are safeguarded (mostly original music sheets).

It was my first time there and I enjoyed meandering inside the Music Conservatory, surrounded by the halo of famous Italian composers who during the last century managed the musical institute: Pietro Mascagni (mostly known for his opera ‘Cavalleria rusticana’, Amilcare Zanella and Riccardo Zandonai).

Following are a few pictures we took inside the Music Conservatory, the ‘Tempietto Rossiniano’ and the music auditorium ‘Pedrotti’, entitled to Carlo Pedrotti, the Veronese opera composer who first managed the Music Conservatory.

The Conservatorio ‘G. Rossini’ was founded in 1869, according to Gioachino Rossini’s will (the composer, who died in 1858, appointed the Municipality of Pesaro – his hometown – with the task of establishing there a musical school).

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  1. […] Rossini left his entire estate to the Municipality of Pesaro. The Music Conservatory, entitled to him, was established in 1869 according to his will; today a few of Rossini’s mementoes (mostly original music sheets) are safeguarded there inside the so-called ‘Tempietto Rossiniano’. […]

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