One of Italy’s first public parks: Orti Giuli

IMG_9443 On Sunday, March 22nd, besides visiting the Pesaro and Urbino Chamber of Commerce, we went for a walk inside one of Italy’s most ancient public parks: Orti Giuli. I am particularly fond of this park, as it is a very intimate place, suitable for philosophers and… lovers! Actually it is small but full of hidden, beautiful corners as the one you see in the picture on the left. Old trees, bushes, statues, columns, commemorative stones, the pretty view on the S. Bartolo hill and on the Roman bridge over the Foglia river… everything takes you back to a remote place, in time and history, where peacefulness gets a hold on you. The Orti Giuli is one of the earliest examples of a public park in Italy. It was created  between 1827 and 1830 by the Count Francesco Cassi who financed the enterprise and who entitled the park to his cousin Giulio Perticari, an illustrious man of letters who died in 1822. Cassi transformed the enclosed area of the ancient bastion of the Roveresque walls beside Porta Rimini into a public garden (the walls are called ‘del Carmine’) in line  with the neoclassical taste of the times. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy and foggy day when we visited the park so the pictures do not convey the magic of the Orti Giuli. We also missed the visit inside the ‘Osservatorio Valerio’ – the meteorological observatory created in 1861 and hosting historic rare and unique instruments (19th. and early 20th. century), such as a Merz telescope, smoked paper seismographs, the room with the sundial, a ‘Negretti & Zambra’ transit telescope and nephoscopes for the observation of clouds. The ‘Osservatorio’ was exceptionally open – thanks to FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano – usually referred to in English as ‘Italian National Trust’) – but unfortunately there was too long a line to get in and our Costanza had run out of patience. Better luck next time!

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  1. […] Besides, thanks to our collaboration, Where Lemons Blossom got to attend 2 magazine presentations lately (November and December issues) in 2 very exclusive cafés in Pesaro: Casetta Vaccaj (a ‘historical’ café in town hosted by the most ancient private house still existing in Pesaro dating back to the 16th century) and Orti Giuli GelaRteria, a new café and icecream bar hosted in the city walls close to one of Italy’s oldest public parks (Orti Giuli). […]

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