Rossini Theatre from a child’s perspective

Last Sunday we finally managed to take Costanza to a children initiative called ‘Tea at the Theatre’. I wrote finally because we missed our first meeting on Jan. 6th devoted to ‘Alice’s wondrous garden’ (Costanza got chicken pox); we missed another workshop on Cinderella: ‘Who stole Cinderella’s little shoe?’ because there weren’t any places left; and then we finally managed to attend the workshop on ‘Il flauto magico’ by Mozart on March 29th (luckily, because it was the last event closing the initiative).

In the musical workshop Costanza attended, managed by the musical association ‘INMusica’, the children had the opportunity of working on the opera by Mozart directly on the stage of the Rossini Theatre in Pesaro experimenting sounds and rhythms using pecussion instruments, songs, dances and body percussions.

The whole initiative ‘Tea at the Theatre’  (‘Tè a Teatro’) – supported by the Municipality of Pesaro, AMAT (Marche association for theatre activities) and Teatro Skené – is a laudable initiative aiming at fostering ‘theatre culture’ amongst children mixing education with fun.

Each child, upon entering the theatre, is given a number with a pin corresponding to the group he/she is in (the 4, 5 or 6 pm group). Then the educator takes the children to the stage while parents can enjoy a cup of tea or whatever at the bar in the foyer (Walter and I preferred to take a walk up to the main square). After an hour parents are invited to watch the children’s performance from the third gallery and get moved to tears (as it was in our case!). To top it all: the ‘merenda’ (the tea snack) offered by the organizers (bread with ‘nutella’ and a glass of water). The cost for such a great experience is risible: 7 euro for each child including the snack.

Here are a few pictures. Don’t they make you wish you were there?



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