Awaiting Italy’s Liberation Day (April 25th)

Sfera Grande by Arnaldo Pomodoro

April 25th is a national holiday here in Italy celebrating the end of World War II and the end of Nazi occupation of the country.

Today I’m posting here the ‘Sfera Grande’ of Arnaldo Pomodoro, symbol of the city of Pesaro (you will soon find out the link between April 25th and ‘Sfera Grande’ by Arnaldo Pomodoro).

We ‘Pesaresi’ named it  The Ball – having the Sphere turned into a meeting point for us – somehow the real heart of the city, especially in the Summer. ‘Meet me at the Ball’ are usually the final words of friends’ phone conversations while setting up details to meet up in the evening.

The ‘Sfera Grande’  was cast in bronze  from a polyester model in 1998. We ‘Pesaresi’ have it since 1971, but it was created in 1967 for the Montreal Expo. The original is now in Rome, in front of the main entrance to the Farnesina (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

While surfing the net I recently found a very interesting conversation between Arnaldo Pomodoro and Sandro Parmeggiani with the title: ‘Into the heart of matter’, where the sculptor reveals the bond between his art and his WWII experience.

Arnaldo Pomodoro, born in the nearby Romagna 1926, explains how he chose the solids in geometry – operating as a termite – in order to separate, to enter into the form and to destroy its symbolic meaning. Maybe this idea was due to my recollections of the War, particularly hard in Orciano di Pesaro. The town  was near the ‘Gothic Line’ and underwent continuous bombings. The Powder Keg in Montecchio was just 20 kms away and when the Germans blew it up with a terrible explosion we preceived it as a big earthquake; nontheless it was the sign that WWII was soon be finished’


  1. We share the 25th of April with you. It’s our ANZAC Day and this year marks the 100th anniversary of the landing of troops at Gallipoli. Sadly we like to think of this as the birth of our nation. I had 5 relatives in WW1 none of whom came home. One of my great uncles was at Gallipoli. He survived but was killed in France the following year. Maybe one day my country will define itself by something other than war.

    • Thank you Terry for sharing. I’m so sorry for the terrible loss you family underwent during WW1. On Liberation Day we hang our Italian flag on the balcony. I wonder if one day we will all hang the same flag throughout the world: the one of humanity.

      • maybe….. in the meantime those of us with the Spirit of humanity will look forward to that day. Your countrymen gave my country a big chunk of its soul. My ancestor are also from your part of the world. Terry

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