The Old Mill at Villa Ugolini, down by the river

Close to the Arzilla river, in the hinterland of Pesaro, a cultural association is running an old mill at Villa Ugolini (half way form Conventino in Montecciccardo and the beautiful village of Mombaroccio). The old mill needs some serious renovation; nontheless it is located in an amazing setting on one bank of the Arzilla river. The association (Associazione Villaggio Carnocchio) did a superbe job in setting the park for the event which took place on April 25th, on Liberation Day.

The park, which looked more like an adventure park on that day (suspended ropes and tree branches to climb; paths to explore; a walk down to the river), was entirely ecologically conceived and all you could see around was either natural or recycled materials. If you take a look at the pictures below you’ll see that the colored stripes decorating the trees were made out of old clothes and bed sheets or table cloths, whereas the swings were made of old tyres. The sculptures on the table were simple odd-shaped wood pieces found along the river, and the stones that children painted during one of the many laboratories available had been picked by them along the river bank.

Many also the writings you could find here and there, reminding the passer-by to always respect nature and inviting to a proper, respectful use of natural resources like water.

Costanza had a great time there and – even if we often take her to the countryside, to the beach and to the mountains – I think that on that day she experienced her first, true, free contact with nature.

We’ll certainly be there next time the Assoociation sets up another event.


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