On my way to my office

It’s true: sometimes we don’t really know how lucky we are, as we are occupied thinking about what we don’t have and could/should have instead.

I took the following pictures on my way to my office this morning. Early 20th-century houses, flowers on the trees and Spring all around.

No complaining. Not today at least 😉



  1. Such a pretty commute to work 😉 indeed sometimes I take advantage of the scenes around me… Your post reminded me to look!

  2. These beautiful houses – and blossoms – remind me of photo challenge I participate in. It’s called The Changing Seasons, and the idea is to post pictures of the same location on a monthly basis, thus showing the changes every month brings with it. Since you photograph on your way to work (as do I), this might be interesting for you: https://cardinalguzman.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/monthly-photo-challenge-the-changing-seasons-01/ I am sure Cardinal Guzman would love to see some pictures from Pesaro!

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