The shining side of Made in Italy

Mario-Mariani-Compositiore-Teatro-Cagli-150x150Those of you who know me, know that I am fond of Italy. The joy of living in this country – as Erica Jong says – ‘often consists of doing ordinary things in extraordinary settings’. If you happened to bump into my ‘About’ page, you are probably aware that this blog aims at unveiling the ‘real’ Italy through the eyes of a ‘real’ Italian!

I am sure that you have never heard of the ‘Old Mill at Villa Ugolini’, of a magic village dotted with wildbrooms in May called ‘Fiorenzuola di Focara’ or of Sant’Angelo in Lizzola and the ‘Poets’ fountain’ (whereas I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Colosseum in Rome and Canal Grande in Venice!). Of course I love Rome and Venice (who would’t?) but my point – and my ambition too! – is to have you discover the ‘hidden’ treasures of Italy, the ones you never read or know about… As Gray’s ‘Elegy written in a country churchyard’ goes: Full many a gem of purest ray serene/The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear:/Full many a flower is born to blush unseen/And waste its sweetness on the desert air. So, take my hand and I’ll show you the hidden gems and shyest flowers!Mario-Mariani-compositore-Piazza-del-Popolo-Pesaro-01-150x150

Today I would like to introduce you to an astonishing piano player and composer whose name is Mario Mariani. Actually he is neither a hidden gem nor a hidden flower, as he is well-known throughout Europe and the web. However, he is from Pesaro, my hometown, and represents – as he sings in his ‘singing resume’ – the ‘shining side of Italy’.

The video I posted talks for itself and shows a versatile, genial and ironic composer. What is left out is his involvment in humanitarian projects.

Mario-Mariani-Dal-Sorbo-01-150x150Here is the link to his website: where you may read all about his being and Italian avant-garde composer, pianist and performer; his many awards and his unconventional performances, like ‘extreme artistic residence’ where he brought a grand piano in Monte Nerone’s Cave (centre of Italy) and played a concert per night for a whole month!

That’s Italy and, may I proudly add: that’s the shining side of our territory!

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