Spring Laboratories for children at Butrigo Farm

Today I would like to tell you again about the great guys who run the farm, specialized in heliciculture (snails!) and olive cultivation since 2007, because the season of Spring laboratories for children has started again.

You may remember – you faithful readers! – that in June, last year, I took our daughter Costanza to a children’s laboratory organized by the farm on how to make finger puppets. We enjoyed so much Francesca’s hospitality (she offered us a genuine ‘country’ snack and had us taste a delicious strawberry jam made that very day!) as much as we enjoyed the passion that Elena shared with us while teaching children how to make finger puppets.

Here is the children’s new laboratories calendar:

Saturday, May 23rd – ‘Nell’allegra fattoria’ (‘Old Macdonald had a farm’)

Thursday, June 11th – ‘La famiglia Gufetti’ (‘the Little Owls family’)

Saturday, June 13th – ‘The perfect farmer’ (in English)

And here is the address of the farm and the phone number you may call to book laboratories (you need to reserve a place in advance):
Azienda Agricola Butrigo
Roncosambaccio di Fano (PU)
cell + 39 340 3460806
The farm is open all year round (upon reservation) and is glad to host groups of tourists who are eager to disclose the many attractions of the local countryside. Olive iol and snail-based products tastings are always available.


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