A very special Italian Garden

IMG_0313Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose… I could not but think of Gertrude Stein’s poem upon entering, for my first time, the beautiful Italian garden of Palazzo Baldassini in Pesaro last week-end. Thanks to the event ‘Shades of Green’ (ok, given the success of ’50 shades of grey’ they could have named the event differently!), Baldassini Palace opened its beautiful Italian garden to the public (I think for the first time). I went there last Sunday with Walter and Costanza, of course, and auntie Chicca and grandma Lella (yes, the great nonna that passes the yummy recipies!) to admire the beautiful roses displayed in the most beautiful open air flower market I ever had the chance to visit.

Before going to the flowers a double quick history class! Palazzo Baldassini was built in the second half of the 16th century by Marquis Ranieri Del Monte, a general in Guidubaldo II Della Rovere’s army. Apparently the project was made by Filippo Terzi, but the building may have been conceived by Guidubaldo Del Monte – the son of of Ranieri – as he was a famous architect, mathematician and essayist. The never finished Palazzo became property of the Baldassini family in 1715, and today it is still a private building.

The different varieties of roses with their intense colours – and the pleasing rose perfume all around – really catched my eye.

In the end, though – and most prosaically I may add – instead of buying a rose plant I ended up buy buying 4 incense plants, to keep tiger-mosquitos away 😉


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