A visit to Urbino: one of EXPO ‘Entrance Gates’ in our region

One of our region’s  ‘Entrance Gates’ – conceived for foreign tourists visiting Milan EXPO and stopping by in our region on their way to or from Milan – is in Urbino, Italy’s Renaissance ‘mathematical capital’ and World Heritage Site.

It is the so-called Data – the former stable of the the Ducal Palace at the time of Federico of Montefeltro, inaugurated and opened to the public for the first time, and after 500 years, on May 29th. The Data aims at showing to the world the best that the province of Pesaro and Urbino has to offer in terms of culture, food, art, history, enterprises, craftsmanship.

I had the pleasure of taking a Chinese delegation to this charming place of June 12th. By the way, WLB friend ‘Dirce’ was there too: how could she miss the opportunity of promoting her warm hospitality projects (One Village, One Hundred Stories and Dinners at Home in a place hosting delegations from all over the world?).

As we all know, the title of EXPO is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, therefore most events taking place at the Data – conferences, exhibitions, shows – focus on food. Besides, in the Bistrot area, you can taste everyday the best of our local typical products as: pecorino cheese, piadina, cold cuts, olive oil, red and white wine (San Giovese Colli Pesaresi and Bianchello del Metauro), truflle-based products, etc.

Above are a few pictures I took on June 12th: from Porta Valbona (the Valbona arch leading to the historical centre of Urbino), to the Ducal Palace, the Cathedral, San Domenico beautiful church, to the Data itself.


    • Thank you for stopping by!
      If you do come and visit Urbino, let me know in advance, if you wish, and I’ll give you some useful tips on what to see in the surroundings and what/where to eat 😉

  1. Thank you for your post about the Data. I’ll certainly visit it when I return to Le Marche this summer. Also the Bistrot area sounds a really good idea. it is only recently that the Marchigiani have been promoting your excellent food and wine, and the more opportunities to buy local food and wine, the better. I just hope the Bistrot has opening hours suited to tourists.

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