The Goblin Wood in Urbania: an educational (fun) park

We recently found out that close to Urbino, at about 50 kms from Pesaro, there is an educational park called Bosco dei Folletti (the Goblin Wood) where families can spend a whole day in a magic environment. Our six-year-old daughter Costanza fell in love with the place and we ended up attending the park two days in a row (and getting well acquainted with the over 60 goblins as well!).
It really is a children’s paradise. Nothing to do (luckily) with the so-called technological fun parks. Everything is made of wood (tables and benches in the pic-nic area, open-air games) and all the activities planned for children not only fit in perfectly with the natural landscape but are conceived to teach children to respect the environment.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by a guide wearing a straw pointed goblin hat, the same lady that took us on a guided tour in the wood to discover where the goblins live and work (of course, no goblin in sight on that day as goblins – as we all know – work at night!).

Actually, along the path, the ‘fairy guide’ told us about the goblins (what they like and what they dislike), and about trees, flowers and wild animals too.

After the guided tour Costanza had fun climbing a wall (you’ll see in the picture that she was wearing a climbing harness!). She particularly loved the ‘Squirrel path’ consisting in walking – in the air (maximum height: 4 meters) – on Tibetan and Canadian bridges, swinging balance beams, and passing from one tree to the other. There are a few animals to see in the park (donkeys, ponies, pigs) and a little botanic garden.IMG_9809

When we visited the park we even enjoyed an animal puppet show and… barely managed to miss a ‘parents’ game’ – very popular when I was a child – called ‘the wheelbarrows’: the man holds the ankles of his partner and she has to ‘walk’ using her hands… very funny to watch but much less fun if you are the woman walking on your hands and your man is pushing forward forgetting you are not a wheelbarrow 😉

To top it all, the park has a few barbecue areas and is well equipped for pic-nics.

We’ll visit the park very soon again.  May I suggest you visit the park too if you happen to be around (the entrance fee is almost ridiculous: adults pay EUR 4 , children EUR 3  and any brother/sister EUR 1)?





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