An unusual guided tour of Pesaro historical centre

In Italy we have a saying: ‘Dimmi con chi vai e ti dirò chi sei’ (in English something like:’tell me who you associate with and I’ll tell you who you are’). Yesterday, while looking at the market stalls during our monthly ‘Stradomenica’, I was attracted by the many old toys, tin boxes and dolls displayed everywhere among dusty pieces of furniture, amateur paintings, worn-out night gowns. I suddenly remembered that when I was a child I used to turn the saying in my mind into: ‘Tell me which doll you associate with, and I’ll tell you who you are’. As a matter of fact, Barbie was ok to me (I was particularly fond of my black Barbie ballet dancer) but her sister Skipper was not. Ken was cool but I considered Big Jim kind of a jerk. My Cicciodoro (something that in English would sound like: Golden Buddy (!) – a very famous Italian doll when I was a little girl – was cute, but my sister’s doll Patatina wearing a checkered pink and white dress was much cooler – probably because it belonged to my elder sister and she was cool being older than me!).

Today toys, dolls and tin boxes will guide you through Pesaro streets in an unusual guided tour. A different overview, from a different playful perspective, on Pesaro historical centre. I am posting also a few paintings portraying Gioachino Rossini – our most famous fellow citizen – and the harbour quarter (the church where my parents got married 51 years ago! and the sailing boats so familiar to us Pesaresi).



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