Early Fall Flower Fair

IMG_1465One of our favourite ‘family rites’ is attending the October flower fair in Pesaro (la fiera di San Francesco – ‘St. Francis Fair’) celebrating this year its 61st edition.
The fair generally lasts 3 or 4 days, depending on which day of the week St. Francis falls (celebrated on Oct. 4th according to the Roman Catholic Calendar).

To us Pesaresi there are a few traditional events – some of them linked to religious events (but aren’t all rites ‘religious’ despite of the different religions they refer to?). Our family’s favourite rites are attending the Harbor Feast in July, taking Costanza to Children Blessing Day at Beato Sante in Mombaroccio in the month of August, visiting the many stalls (and this year ‘selling old toys’ too) at San Nicola Fair in September, buying flowers at St. Francis Flower Fair in October, paying a visit to Our Lady of Graces at the end of October… The list is very long and could go on for many other lines. There’s something reassuring though when I think that my grandparents, and grandparents of my grandparents, attended the same places (a fair, a church) on the very same days but many years before I was born. I feel like a thread in the immense tapestry of life. I mean, close to other threads. Not alone. But I’m getting carried away.

Going back to our flower fair, Pesaro main square (Piazza del Popolo) turns into a garden for a few days: basil, cyclamens, pansies, pumpkins, succulent plants, chrysanthemums, decorative cabbage and all kinds of flowers and plants fill the place with colors and perfumes.

Walter, Costanza and I went to the fair this morning. We were glad to see that our favourite honey producer was there too.

If you ever come to Pesaro early in October, the flower fair is an event you may not want to miss!


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