TBDItaly – Day One

Rimini Fair
Rimini Fair

I just came back from the International Travel Blogger event in Rimini (TBD Italy) within the tourism fair TTG Incontri. It’s been only the first out of three days devoted to the travel blogoshpere and yet I got home with new exciting ideas and projects (start using instagram and Steller are on my ‘things-to-do-first’ list!).

The speeches I attended today have been inspiring for my blog, especially the one held by Melvin Boecher (Social Media and Professional Travel Blogging – The Value and How to Use It) and the one by Andy Best (Visual Storytelling from Steller to Instagram and Videos. How to be best on Steller with text, photos and videos tips for blogger and videomakers).Of course, when you listen to those guys (taking hectic notes as if taking notes would turn you into the most followed travel blogger in the world!) things seem really simple and you start day-dreaming of leaving your hated job (oops! I just did it last week…). But then again: isn’t it what TBD Italy is for? Connecting the world of bloggers and online influencers with the tourism industry? And connecting the exhibitors (tour operators, travel agencies, regions, associations) to get in contact with international bloggers to add a valuable contribution to the planning of innovative strategies to increase their business?

Tomorrow it will be MYBD (Meet Your Blogger Day). One-to-one meetings between tourism operators and bloggers. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I’ll tell you tomorrow about my TBDI – Day Two 😉


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