TBD Italy – thank you and… see you next year!

So, here we are.

After 3 days of attending seminars, learning about new blogger trends and tools, sharing ideas, getting new contacts… what does Where Lemons Blossom take home from TBD Italy this year?

A simple lesson that I believe is common to all us bloggers (or at least should be): use Google Trends, be on social medias without ‘spamming’ (i.e use social medias in a non invasive way), regularly check your analytics, set a list of topics, schedule your blog post, etc. (ad libitum) but most of all, and first of all: despite of what I just wrote, go on writing with passion about what you like and what you would like to share with your community, share information and simply be yourself!

Following is a promotional card I used in the past days at TBD Italy and TTG Italia to promote my blog designed by Cristina Ortolani (my sister!). With my sister I share the same idea of sustainable tourism (see her projects: ‘One village, a hundred stories’).

wlb cartolina ottobre 2015_01

wlb cartolina ottobre 2015_012

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