An improptu fish banquet

Note: this is not a sponsored post.

Last Saturday was a glorious day and we just had to go to the seaside for a stroll. Nothing like catching some sea air and warm sun this late in the year. Then Simona mentioned it had been a while since we’d last had fish, and five minutes later we were booked at da Gennaro, our fish restaurant of choice.

It is an unassuming little place, family-run since always, and it takes fish seriously. I mean seriously:

  1. it is closed on Mondays because, you know, fishermen won’t be out on Sundays
  2. during the annual fish ban you’ll be informed that the fish was bought in Ancona (40km away) rather than in town as is the custom
  3. whenever the day’s catch lacks a given variety of fish is, or if it is of insufficient quality or size, you won’t find that fish in your plate.

Also, the have a way with helpings that means I can never have more than one course. I’m not joking: I’ll have antipasto (either hot or cold, not both and you can see why below) or (that’s a XOR, for the nerds out there) a roast. Every now and then I’ll indulge a dessert because they are just too effing good and hey, who wants to live forever anyway?

Being in a tasting mood, we shared one cold antipasto, one set of skewers, one portion of cod. And we could not resist a dessert. One each, because swag.

Luckily, they have amaro.


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