Tourism States-General in Pesaro – one year later

IMG_1525Where Lemons Blossom attended the States-General of Tourism organized by the Municipality of Pesaro at Villa Caprile last year and will be taking part to tomorrow’s States-General of Tourism at Villa Cattani-Stuart (another awesome 17th-century villa in the surrounding hills of Pesaro).

I remember that last year all speeches had one theme in common: that of building a shared strategy and of establishing a collaborative working relationship between all actors (public bodies, trade associations and private sector) in order to make Pesaro, and our beautiful province of Pesaro and Urbino, more attractive and more tourism-oriented.

I also remember somebody saying last year that 70% of the GDP of Rimini (renowned sea-side resort in the neighbouring region Emilia Romagna, about 30 kms north from Pesaro) is due to the tourism sector, whereas only 8% of Pesaro GDP is generated by IMG_1414tourism (and yet our Province has so much to offer: Urbino – the nearby ‘ideal Renaissance city’, UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site; Pesaro, hometown of composer Gioachino Rossini and home to the Rossini Opera Festival; beach, art, history, culture, sport, natural landscapes; and to top it all: wine, olive oil, cheese, truffle, just to mention a few local delicacies).

What about the past season? Has something changed? What needs to be improved to make Pesaro an attractive sea-side resort? We’ll find out tomorrow. Hopefully 😉



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