Fairy tales in music

Willem Peerik and Fabrizio Lepri

Do you share Nietzsche’s opinion that ‘without music, life would be a mistake’? I do and I’ve tried to share my  love for music with our 7-year-old Costanza since she was… I was going to say ‘born’ but, actually, I had the poor thing listen to Vivaldi before she was born (I used to place headphones on my womb!). The result was that, until she was 3, each time we drove our car she wanted to listen to ‘Valdi’ (Vivaldi).  With such a promising start she (obviously) ended by wanting to play the drums 😉 !

Wilelm and Fabrizio (Hans)
Wilelm and Fabrizio (Hans)

Anyway, last Sunday afternoon we took her to a wonderful musical initiative conceived by INMUSICA (music school in Pesaro) and AssiemI (an Italian association of musical education for children located in Bologna). The initiative is called ‘Fairy Tale Music’ (Musica da Favola): three fairy tales told by Willem Peerik (he has a great talent to tell stories and to make ‘voices’ besides, of course, being an excellent harpsichord player) and accompanied by other instruments. We attended ‘Il violista nel bosco’ (‘The Viola Player in the Wood’) and while Peerik entertained us playing the harpsichord, Fabrizio Lepri delighted us playing first the ‘viella’ (the great-grandfather of the violin) and (my beloved) ‘viola da gamba’ (the viol).

IMG_20160313_164420By the way, did you read ‘Tous les matins du monde’ (‘All the World’s Mornings’) by Pascal Quignard or did you see the movie  bearing the same title about the story of the apprenticeship of Marin Marais in the house of the mysterious violist Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe? Needless to say have the book, the movie and the CD with Jordi Savall playing the viol (and I’m fond of them all)!!! Did I ever tell you that my favourite actor is Gérard Depardieu (in the movie he plays the part of Marin Marais). Ok. He is overweight but plays such fascinating characters…

Anyway, Fabrizio Lepri and Willem Peerik played music by Frescobaldi, Rossi, Picchi, Bach and Marais. And when Lepri started playing the ‘Folies d’Espagne’ I was mostly glad we decided to go!

20160313_174357The beautiful church of the ‘Santissima Annunziata’ – a small 17th-century church or oratory located in the heart of Pesaro – was crowded with children. The play was conceived to teach children that music can be fun, and that learning can be fun too. As a matter of fact, at the end of the performance children and adults were asked a few questions on the music and on the instruments played. It was some sort of ‘group quiz’ (nothing like being asked questions at school!) and it was fun.

Before leaving, children received a leaflet with the story of the day, some information on the instruments played and on the composers performed. To top it all, they all received an attendance diploma (Costanza still has to write her name on it but was so proud to receive it).

Next ‘Fairy Tale Music’ on April 10th with ‘The Four Musician Brothers and the Dragon’ (music by Byrd, Purcell, Sweelinck, etc.) performed by harpsichord, percussions and xylophone.

We are not going to miss it. And you?



  1. It would be hard to imagine the world without music. It would be like being born deaf, never knowing what a sound or a musical note is. I think music is a bridge between heaven and earth and likewise, between the physical and the spiritual. Of all the classical music I have heard, Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” is my favorite.

  2. What a lovely day for you and your daughter. We love music here–almost always have the player going (Larry even put speakers in my kitchen ceiling so I could have the music there, where I spend a lot of time!). thanks for a beautiful post.

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