The ‘Great Beauty’ of every-day places

IMG_20160404_092454I’m fond of cloisters, aren’t you? I love the feeling of peacfulness they convey, even from behind a gate, as in the picture on your left.

Actually I’ve already written about the beautiful Renaissance church of San Giovanni in Pesaro and the adjoining public library. However  – as I am always stunned by the beauty I walk by on my way to the public library – I’ve decided to make a new blog post (the original one dates back to 4 years ago anyway!).

I love writing about our ‘family rites’ and going to ‘San Giovanni’ public library in Pesaro, via IMG_20160405_120912Passeri 102, is one of our favourites! Especially in the Winter, when it’s cold or rainy outside and we cannot take our daughter to the park, we often go to the library hosted by the ancient monastery of the ‘Frati Minori Osservanti’, once annexed to the church of San Giovanni Battista (in the picture on your right).

IMG_20160405_104636The library also hosts a lovely area dedicated to children where you can find books, cartoons, a few toys and many “soft” places to sit upon (cushions, one bed!, chairs) offering dads and moms the opportunity of sharing the pleasure of reading together with their sons and daugthers.

Much could be written about the beautiful public library and the church of San Giovanni Battista planned by Girolamo Genga in the 16th century. But as I already wrote some pieces of information in my old post, this time I’d just like to share with you new pictures of that area (I walked around the block and took pictures from all 4 streets).

IMG_20160405_105831Sometimes just going to the public library can be an aesthetical experience.

Actually, I think beauty is all around, if we just slow down our pace for a change and let it take us aback!




    • Yes, it is indeed! As soon as I got pregnant – more than 7 years ago – I rejoiced for many reasons. I remember thinking: ‘wow, we will be finally able to enter the kids section at Paris ‘Cité de Sciences’… we will be going to see children movies/cartoons (in Italy if a grown-up goes to the cinema to watch a cartoon movie unaccompanied by children he/she is supposed to be some kind of weirdo!) and – YES – we’ll be able to sit in the San Giovanni Library’s children section reading books to our daughter 😉

  1. This really is beautiful Simona– and so wonderful that it’s been well preserved and used… One of my favorite art museums is the Museo de Bellas Artes in Seville, established in an old cloister with 4 little courtyards and the Murillo paintings filling the old chapel. All the paintings are Spanish. It’s really lovely. Thanks for your repeated looks at all that’s beautiful in your part of the world… xoxo

    • Thank you, Rhonda. I am actually planning a trip to Spain this Summer. If we manage to go to Seville we’ll certainly visit the Museo de Bellas Artes. Grazie mille for your tip and for stopping by 🙂

      • Oh Simona — you MUST go to Seville. It’s the most “Spanish” part of Spain (I’m a little biased because we lived there for 8 years). But it’s beautiful, historic and has all the pueblos blanks south down toward the coast. But I have to give a small warning– it can be terribly hot in the summer! And Barcelona has the beautiful architecture and is so cosmopolitan– and Madrid is grand with all those museums. Now you’re making me wish I were planning a trip to Spain!! Hope it’s a marvelous memorable trip1 xo

        • Grazie, Rhonda! You really convinced me 😉 I’m checking flights to Seville right now! Thank you for your tips and for the passion you put in your description of Seville. I guess the Spanish Tourist Board should hire you 😉

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