Walking by villas

20160411_100307_HDRWell, here I am again, being thankful for living in a quiet, small seaside resort on the Adriatic coast, where going for a walk turns into a joy for the eye.

The following pictures were taken by Walter (thank you, Walter!) just a couple of days ago on a bright Spring morning. No humidity in the air (unfortunately so typical around here in all seasons), a sunny day and flowers blooming: a perfect combination to take pictures of the lovely villas on the seaside. Most of them were built at the beginning of the century but were restored – as you are going to see with your own eyes – in different following decades.

Looking carefully at Walter’s pictures, I realized that quite a few villas (and I left some out) 20160411_101715_HDRdisplay beautiful lilac wisterias in front of the main entrance or on their balconies.

That was, and still is, the wealthier part of my home-town Pesaro: viale Trieste along the coast (‘let’s meet us tonight in viale‘, we say and even if there are many viali in Pesaro, the true Pesarese knows that the ‘viale’ is ‘viale Trieste!); viale Trento, parallel to viale Trieste, and viale Battisti parallel to the other two. That’s the area Walter took pictures of. The fourth viale away from the beach is viale della Vittoria and from the traffic light at the crossroad with viale della Repubblica to the main square it’s less than 300 hundred meters.

20160411_095729_HDRYes, another good thing about Pesaro is that the beach and the historic centre are so close! And that’s very nice if in the Summer, after a hot day on the beach, you feel like walking in the cool narrow streets of cobblestone and get a drink in Piazza del Popolo, in front of the Ducal Palace!

Wow, I sound as if the Tourist Board of Pesaro was paying me for talking so passionately about my home-town (which, I tell you, is not) but I cannot but being thankful for living in such a lovely part of the world.

After all, this is the reason why this blog was born five years ago, isn’t it?  😉


  1. Such stately homes– truly beautiful Simona! And I love the wisteria as well. My father-in-law as an old one over this back patio, but it doesn’t bloom until around June. Fun post! thanks. xox

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