Why Italy? Here’s why… (part 1)

memories of glistening water_restlessjoHello! Last week I asked you – and a few of my friends who live abroad – why should anyone chose Italy as a tourist destination. The question actually was: ‘Why travel to Italy?’

so many layers of fascinating history

I got a few comments and today I’m posting some by restlessjo (grazie, Jo, for the poetic and intense look on life that you share with us from your blog!) and by jmcheney  (thank you for your words that I turned into 4 pictures!).

and culture
The idea is: you tell me what you like about Italy and I go around taking pictures (this way you ideally put your feet into my shoes and we walk together through the streets of Italy!).


I would also like to thank Rhonda Sitting for her encouraging words and for her ‘thankful heart’ that makes us all feel thankful for the joys of life!

You probably wonder where I took the pictures of this blog post. Well: as this blog aims at helping you discover the real Italy (and to me the ‘real Italy’ is the place where I lead my life!) all the pictures were taken in the province of Pesaro – Urbino and in our family’s favourite places.

Pic #1: sea in Pesaro from the so-called (by us Pesaresi!) ‘Moletto’ (‘little dock’);
Pic #2: brick wall (a detail) close to San Giovanni Library in Pesaro;
Pic #3: Rocca Costanza in Pesaro;
Pic#4: ‘ghiaccioli’ (‘popsicles’) by Casa Fazi in v.le Trieste (Pesaro);
Pic#5: wines by Il Conventino in Monteciccardo.




  1. What a fun and original way to do it, Simona. 🙂 My memories of the lakes and of the Bay of Naples will stay with me for a long time. Many thanks for the mention.

  2. What fun Simona!–do you have more?? great to see you picture responses to people’s ideas. and I was surprised to see your kind words. I look forward to your posts– you are blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world. thanks you… xo

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