Europa Street Food Festival

20160625_200717_HDRHi guys. First of all I’m sorry for  not posting recently but you know how it works when you think of yourself as a ‘multi-tasking’ mom: you think you can handle the world but the bare truth is that you aren’t getting any younger; so you must face the fact that, in the end, there are only 24 hours a day!


  1. This looks like lovely fun Simona!! Fun food in a beautiful place. I love street food too– my favorite were the visits we made to Shanghai when I son lived there– so much varied street food. We’d even go out a pick up breakfast!! It was amazing. And I’d love, love to sample the festival in Pesaro! thanks for sending it out… Hope your launching into a beautiful summer there. xox

    • Hi Rhonda, uh uh, I was in Shanghai only once but I was too amazed by the variety of street food there! Our street food festival in Pesaro was little but, nonetheless, very enjoyable indeeed! Summer is already pretty hot here (I love it though). Have a beautiful Summer too! xoxo

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