A traditional harbor feast on the Adriatic coast

IMG_1627Summer has officially started! To us Pesaresi Summer does not start on June 21st. It starts on the first Sunday of the month of July, instead, around 11.30 pm, with the last vanishing firework on the sea, followed by 3 loud bangs, at the harbour feast in Pesaro.

The Festa del Porto – a religious feast dating back to the 15th century – lasts a whole week and schedules several events for children and grown-ups. However we just go on Sunday, the last day of the feast, for the rite of fishing toy ducks and get our prize – usually horrible stuffed animals Made-in-China worth the 100th part of what we spend and yet… it feels good to actually ‘win’ something every now and then ;-). This year our daughter Costanza fished both toy ducks and swans and got a lilac stuffed mouse with a short skirt and a dog with a policeman outfit (needless to say she went to bed with them).

IMG_1632Anyway, the fun part of the feast to us is the mix of stalls (toys, books, shoes, pets, clothes), grilled fish booths, saling boats, balloons,  fireworks, music, cotton candies and people everywhere (when the firework show is approaching, you can hardly walk along the harbor street due to the many people and the narrow path between the colorful houses on one side and the stalls on the other). People walk around with a smile on their face, meeting friends or relatives (they say that about 10.000 Pesaresi attend the harbor feast on Sunday, the last day). Everyone feels that Summer has come.

Of course we bought the lottery tickets also this year (as we always do) and, of course, we won nothing (as we always do).

Wait a minute, that’s not right. We won the reassuring certainty that Summer has come again!

Happy Summer to you all!


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