American journalism student interviews violin maker in Pesaro

Bridgette and Daniele at Daniele's worskhop
Bridgette and Daniele at Daniele’s worskhop

I was very happy (and flattered too!) when Bridgette R. W. contacted me via Facebook telling me that she was a journalism student studying at the University of Urbino this Summer and that she was covering a story on the violin maker in Pesaro, Daniele Canu, whom she got to know about reading my blog post!

I was happy as the aim of my blog, Where Lemons Blossom, is indeed that of having people discover this beautiful (and yet unknown to many) part of Italy. Second, I’m always happy when Maestro Liutaio Daniele Canu, a good friend of mine, has a chance to share his magnificent skills in violin making with other people. Entering his magic workshop is like entering a magix box. Incidentally, that is also the official seat of our amateur orchestra (how I love playing with my musician friends, enjoying the smell of wood and glue, surrounded by beautiful string instruments made by Daniele that vibrate along with us!).

Maestro Violin Maker Daniele Canu
Maestro Violin Maker Daniele Canu

Anyway, Bridgette came to Pesaro twice in the month of June and she even stayed during our orchestra rehearsals. I showed her around a little in Pesaro historical centre, together with Walter and Costanza, and we talked her into having a ‘Rossini’ sliced pizza (which you can eat only in Pesaro… basically a pizza with tomato sauce, cheese and, on top, sliced boiled eggs and mayonnaise!)

When Walter and I joined her on Pesaro beach, where she was enjoying a sunny day with her mates, on her very last day in Italy (she was moving to Croatia the next day), she told us that her article on Daniele won best article (sorry, Bridgette, I don’t remember if you won the prize within a special category… maybe you can tell us when you get back to the States!).

A wonderful 'trio' (Bridgette, me and Daniele)
A wonderful ‘trio’ (Bridgette, me and Daniele)

Anyway, I cannot wait to share the link to Bridgette’s article as soon as it is officially published.

In the meanwhile: thank you so much Bridgette for your company, on behalf of WLB and of our amateur orchestra! We enjoyed your company very much and hope to see you again… maybe next time you can take your ukulele with and play along with us 🙂



  1. Ciao Simona–Thanks for blogging about Bridgette’s article. And thanks again–grazie infinite!–for your kindness and generosity toward Bridgette. Here is the link to her article and photos:

    We’ll send you a copy of the print magazine when it’s finished, which will be later this summer.

    Also, Bridgette did indeed win an award for best article and photos. Here’s a link to a post about all the award winners from our program:

    Looking forward to seeing you next summer.

    Susan West, instructor, IeiMedia Urbino Project (one of Bridgette’s professors)

    • Dear Susan, thank you for sharing the link to Bridgette’s article. I posted it on Facebook and sent the link to Daniele Canu. He’ll be delighted to read it 🙂 It was really a pleasure getting to know Bridgette. If you come to Urbino next year I would love to be of help in any way. A presto e grazie mille again!

  2. How exciting that you were able to help Bridgette make the connection with Daniele Canu! Do you have a municipal orchestra?? Do you play? such a lovely post Simona. thank you.

    • Hi Rhonda. My hometown, Pesaro, is where composer Gioachino Rossini was born. We have a Music Conservatory, a few professional orchestras and the ‘Rossini Opera Festival’ in August. Our orchestra is an amateur orchestra. We play mostly for charity organizations or in places where people don’t have to pay. We like the idea of offering music, even to the passer-by. I play second violin 😉 Grazie for stopping by!

      • That’s awesome Simona– it would be so wonderful to be able to give the gift of real music to people– it takes all the time and dedication you spent to be able to play the violin!! what a joy that would be…

        • Hi Rhonda. Our amateur orchestra will be playing soon in the streets of the nearby Fano. As I say: it’s an amateur – and not professional – orchestra! But still it’s fun to play together for friends or unknown people, in scheduled concerts or simply surprising people in the streets while they walk by ☺

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