Views on Italy from a peculiar perspective!

Off we go!
Off we go!

The following pictures won’t be among the best shots I ever took of my home town Pesaro. And yet I’m publishing them because: 1. it was fun taking them riding the tourist train; 2. while riding the tourist train I saw an uncle and my friend violin maker, Daniele, on two different sidewalks, which allowed me to wave ‘hello’ from aboard and to be ‘waved back’ (!); 3. Pesaro, seen from the electric train, seemed more ‘familiar’ than ever (and its familiarity looked so beautiful and reassuring to me); 4. we drove through 2 streets where my parents lived when they were young, we drove by 2 places where I used to work, one place where Walter works, our amateur orchestra seat in Sabbatini street, my father’s office… (the list could go on for a long time, as Pesaro historical centre is little and most Pesaresi spend half of their lives in the heart of Pesaro!).

The train leaves every day from v.le della Repubblica, Pesaro, every 30/60 minutes starting from 5 pm. The ride lasts about 30/35 minutes and it’s worth the fare (6 EUR/adults – 4 /EUR-children).

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  1. Hey Simona– what a fun day out– with a slightly different point of view! I wonder what the driver said about all the places you already knew… When I visit my daughter in San Francisco, we always say one day we will take the tourist bus tour to see what they point out! You beat us to it! It’s nice to live in such a lovely place that other people want to know it… xox

    • I would love so much to go and visit San Francisco! I just know the city from the movies and it looks so beautiful… If you do manage to take the tourist bus please post about it 😊

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