Italian landscapes in Fall

img-20161025-wa0005I just searched for ‘Autumn foliage 2016’ on Google and I got some 17.700.000 results 😉

However, I cannot but post today – knowing I am in ‘good company’  😉 – a few of the pictures of ‘Italian landscapes’ we shot last Sunday in the surroundings of Pesaro, in the Marche region.

img_3586Yes, I confess it (!), I could not help editing some of the lovely yellows and reds once I got back home. In my defence let me tell you that I merely intended to compensate my total ineptitude at drawing and at painting adding a few contrasts here and there and strengthening colors, just as I would do while painting a landscape, if I only knew how to to paint.


Talking about painters, we headed from Pesaro, on the Adriatic coast, towards Urbino, the Renaissance ‘ideal city’ –  World Heritage Site – where the painter Raffaello Sanzio (Raphael) was born. However, we did not reach Urbino. We called at one of Italys’ most beautiful borghi (Montefabbri – between Pesaro and Urbino) while driving carelessly with no definite destination and stopping wherever we thought we would get a good picture. Even though I thought that a good ole Vivaldi would do a great job in making us feel One with the landscape, our 7-year-old daughter Costanza wasn’t the same opinion. She had us listen to Mamma Mia! soundtrack most of the time but, then again, ABBA are just fine when you are heading nowhere in particular just enjoying the little (big) joys of life as they come to us (be it a yellow Autumn tree or a blurry blue view on the hills all around).

As I publish today an article I wrote a week ago (which I had saved as a draft), my heart goes to my fellow countrymen and countrywomen in central Italy who are suffering the consequences of severe earthquakes in these days. We did feel the long earthquake this morning, and we did get scared as most Italians did today, but I can just imagine how it must feel to live in those places. God bless them 🙂



  1. Yes, Jo. The earthquakes’ damages in my region (the Marche) have been most severe. Luckily no one died this time. We felt the earthquake last Sunday morning here in Pesaro. It was very scary for us, here in the northern part of the Marche, and it seemed to never stop. I cannot imagine how scary it must have been for the people living near the epicenter.

  2. Hi Simona– thankful to hear the earthquake did not harm you all. We live in earthquake zone here and have only had very minor damage, but others not so far away have lots homes. –And– Love love your pictures. I can’t imagine living in such a glorious place! My favorite photo is the one of the ruling hills in different brilliant colors. beautiful. Thanks for taking us along Simona. hugs friend.

  3. Dear Rhonda, thank you for your hearty concern. The problem with earthquakes in Italy is that we have a lot of history but… a lot of ancient buildings too (!) which are not earthquake proof… Yes, I love Autumn colors. I did not like Fall at all when I was young but now, at 46, it is becoming my favourite season. Trees losing their leaves, bare fields, misty fogs urging the sight to concentrate on the inside. Nature gets essential. And so do I, leaving superfluous things behind and preparing for a new Spring of the soul 😉

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