Italian cafés (following LaDirce’s footsteps)

per-post-dirce-13Where Lemons Blossom – longtime partner of La Dirce project – is now collaborating with the new ‘La Dirce’ magazine (‘DirceFoglio’). Incidentally (!) we are very proud to write on a magazine whose partners are the University of Bologna (the Advanced Studies Center for Tourism) and SlowFood Pesaro.

Besides, thanks to our collaboration, Where Lemons Blossom got to attend 2 magazine presentations lately (November and December issues) in 2 very exclusive cafés in Pesaro: Casetta Vaccaj (a ‘historical’ café in town hosted by the most ancient private house still existing in Pesaro dating back to the 16th century) and Orti Giuli GelaRteria, a new café and icecream bar hosted in the city walls close to one of Italy’s oldest public parks (Orti Giuli).

Following are a few pictures of Dirce’s birthday on November 11th 2016 at Casetta Vaccaj where one of the 2 sisters who own the place, Sabrina (in the picture below), welcomed Dirce’s guests offering them an excellent mascarpone cheese birthday cake (with a delicious pistachio extra cream) together with a hot chocolate drink. Cristina Ortolani (founder of LaDirce project) – who is doomed to walk along life accompanied by her Dirce Doppelgänger I fear 😉 – presented DirceFoglio n.1: a magazine to preserve memories, all memories, as she believes that ‘what is preserved by memory is eternal’!

On December 21st 2016 the second issue of DirceFoglio was presented at Orti Giuli GelaRteria. Paola, the owner in the picture below with Cristina Ortolani and Jacopo Fiorani, welcomed us serving organic biscuits and pastry, making us feel really ‘at home’. During the afternoon Cristina Ortolani shared a beautiful video with us that she realized together with Jacopo Fiorani on ‘auntie Rina and her secret recipe for Christmas cappelletti’. The beautiful setting, friends exchanging wishes for Christmas, artisan organic cakes… who could ask for anything more?

I am fond of historical cafés… and you?


  1. Simona, congratulations on your association with La Dirce. If I may, I have an Italian language question. Is there an idiomatic Italian expression that’s equivalent to English, “walk both sides of the line” or anything similar, used to describe a person who might be involved in both legal and illegal sides of a business? I’m writing a story in which an Italian-speaking character would use that phrase. Thanks for considering! Brad

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