Arched windows on my way

Weren’t we wishing just the other day to live ‘an unplanned life full of unexpected gifts’? Well, in Italy we have a saying: ‘aiutati che il ciel t’aiuta’  which means something like: ‘if you help yourself, heaven helps you’.


Of  course, I am willing to live an unplanned life searching for unplanned gifts; however I do realize that I have to do my part and start to actually look around for gifts hiding in everyday life.


This is what I decided to do this morning while heading to the place where I volunteer downtown. I was suddenly taken aback by the numberless arched windows that were on my way as I walked from the parking place to my destination.


Isn’t it funny how you get used to everyday routine until you decide to open up your eyes?

Here are a few pictures of a few arched windows on my way this morning along less than 150 meters. Most of them, like the one below, belong to the former psychiatric hospital where my grandfather Carlo, the dad of my dad, used to work many years ago.


Built in 1829 thanks to Monsignor Benedetto Cappelletti, the psychiatric hospital ‘San Benedetto’ in Pesaro was managed, in the second half of the 19th century, by the founder of modern criminology Cesare Lombroso.


And now a modern arch: the entrance door to San Giovanni public library in Pesaro hosted by the former convent of  Frati Minori Osservanti built in 16th century.

So, that was my daily blessing.

What about yours?


  1. True what you say. We need to spend time away from where we live to realise again those things we no longer seem to notice because they’ve become routine.

  2. You are so right Simona–we can walk by beautiful things everyday and not stop to notice–Love your collection of windows! Where we live most all the buildings were built in the las 60 years– so these really look amazing. thank you friend!

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