Fancy a coffee?

Montebianco coffee

When you order ‘un caffè’ in Italy it is never simply ‘a coffee’. We Italians seem to have to always be creative, even when ordering a coffee at the bar 😉

This morning I was in a very nice café downtown Pesaro having breakfast with three friends of mine (we used to volunteer together for the same association – now we do not volunteer in the same place anymore but our friendship has grown stronger through the years… yes! we definitely owe that to the many coffees and pizzas we had out together!).

soy cappuccino with a decaf expresso

Anyway, as soon as we got into the café and sat down at the table, the waitress came to us to take the order. We Italians are used to drink our first coffee at home (most of us have expresso machines but I personally like to  make coffee using the moka). Then we get our second coffee at the bar just before going to our office and starting our working day (we like to read newspapers for free at the bar, don’t we?).

‘latte macchiato’

Anwyay, here is what the four of us ordered. Me: a soy cappuccino with decaffenated expresso; Monica had a ‘latte macchiato’ (literally a ‘stained milk’… warm milk with expresso); Nicoletta had just a ‘normal’ expresso and Tiziana had a ‘montebianco’ (a coffee with foamy milk on top… as the Italian mount Montebianco is supposed to have a snowy, white, topping).

expresso coffee (finally!)

Isn’t that funny? Four people and four different kinds of drinking coffee.

And you? Do you have an expresso in the morning? Or a long American coffee? And where do you drink your first coffee? At home like me or at the café?


  1. I make my own French Vanilla fresh brew every morning at home. I seldom buy out unless travelling on the to with my husband out handing out with my daughter. I do love coffee though any time I can get it!

  2. Boy I really should have reread that one before sending! Ha, ha, ha. It should have said “on the road with my husband” or “hanging out with my daughter” 😊

  3. What fun Simona– In Spain they have Cafe Manchado (that also means stained milk!) Isn’t it great to keep up with old friends– so many things to talk over. Happy coffee drinking! xox

  4. :)funny how widely the coffee drinking on the way to work habit has spread, Simona. The streets are full of people clutching their paper cups 🙂 I find it hard to function without my first coffee of the day. Coffee first then on goes the laptop.

    • Hi Jo! I do understand you… I too find it hard to ‘function’ before my first coffee in the morning. Three expresso coffees is my daily prescription to have my neurons connect with each other 🙂

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