Sant’Antonio and his ‘donuts’

Bracciatelli (traditional ring-shaped cakes with anise seeds)

There are only 2 days out of 365 when you can buy (and consequently eat!) ‘bracciatelli’ in Pesaro: on Santa Lucia (Dec. 13th) and today (Sant’Antonio).

These are ring-shaped soft cakes with anise seeds that I usually buy in a baker’s shop in Via Castelfidardo, in the old Jewish ghetto , my favourite neighbourhood in town.

Despite the chilly wind and the sleet, this morning I drove my car just to go downtown to buy these traditional ‘donuts’ as I am fond of traditions (and of cakes too!).

I parked along the sea-side, so I managed to take a few pictures of the stormy Adriatic sea. This is how Pesaro sea was looking around 9.00 in the morning. Foamy waves, seagulls flying low and dark clouds across the skyline. I am a Summer lover but Winter does have its fascinating side too. Too bad the picture does not convey the sharp salt perfume in the air that all sea-town inhabitants cannot do without 😉




  1. What an enticing photo! I saw it before breakfast earlier this week and thought, “I want what she’s having!”
    Especially, being fond of pastry with anise. Do you have a recipe?

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