Learning through play is fun at Pesaro Musei Civici


Piazza Vincenzo Toschi Mosca is one of my favourite squares in town. The main building overlooking the square is Palazzo Toschi Mosca, seat of Musei Civici.

Musei Civici, main entrance

The Municipal Museum (Musei Civici) hosts a permanent section including paintings and drawings from 14th to 18th century, together with a fine collection of Renaissance majolica. The ‘star’ of the museum is the altarpiece by Giovanni Bellini (The Coronation of the Virgin), even if I my daughter Costanza likes better the Medusa by Ferruccio Mengaroni (with its tragic story) displayed in the inner garden.
A few years ago I sent several emails to the museum management asking for permission to take pictures of the inside. I never got an answer but, as far as I know (unless rules have changed recently), you must get an authorization before taking pictures of the inside (I wonder why the Louvre Museum allows you to take pictures of anything and Pesaro Musei Civici not… who knows?).

img_20160521_201836What I like about Musei Civici is the cultural activities they offer to families and children. We even had the opportunity to sleep inside the museum in our sleeping bags! The first time I slept with Costanza at the museum was for the event ‘Una notte al museo’ (A night at the museum). Some 15 children (and a few lucky parents who got to accompany them) had a great time thanks to the many (and fun) activities they had organized for the little ones: a guided ‘night’ tour starting from 9.00 pm, a painting laboratory and much more. At 11.30 pm everyone to sleep in the museum halls (so to speak… I spent a sleepless night but I was so thrilled and happy even if it was a bit akward walking around wearing pijiamas with perfect strangers around!!!)

img_20160521_222123-2The second time the Musei Civici organized a ‘night at the museum’ for children a couple of months later, Walter took Costanza there (and not me) for two reasons: my back was still sore (!) and he did not want to miss the occasion to sleep at the museum (now you tell me who is the child of the two 😉 ).

I appreciate it very much when cultural events for children are focused on learning trough play. I’m glad that little towns like Pesaro manage to get children closer to art and history!

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  1. Hi Simona– loving that you are writing so many posts! Fun to think about a sleepover in a museum– We dragged our kids through many museums growing up– but never got to sleep over! Would love to be able to drop in a walk through to see the altar piece and all the beauty of this city museum. take care friend. xo

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