When theatre is pure magic

Costanza in front of Sperimentale Theatre in Pesaro

I belive in theatre. I mean, who doesn’t? I remember going to see Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Amletas) by a Lithuanian absolute genius whose name is Eimuntas Nekrosius some ten years ago. It lasted 4 hours and it was in Lithuanian, which I did not know otherwise I think I would have stayed home that night ;-). Well, I still remember that night. I got goosebumps all through the performance; I got back the night after to see the play again and I started studying Lithuanian… so much I had loved the pure magic that Nekrosius and his company had spread all around.

I even studied acting in an amateur company (a long time ago… seems almost a lifetime!) and got to perform Ophelia in some sort of ‘Highlights from Hamlet’ show and got ‘world-famous in Pesaro’ (ok, you got me, these are two quotations from Mel Brook’s ‘To be or not to be’, being the second quotation of course ‘world-famous in Poland’! ok, it’s not Shakespeare but still Mel Brooks comes in handy sometimes… ‘Young Frankenstein’ is my favourite!).

Sperimentale Theatre in Pesaro

Anyway, since Costanza was born we never miss an opportunity to take her to theatre. In Summer we take her to the open-air ‘Gran Teatro dei Ragazzi’ along the sea-side; in Winter we take her to ‘Andar per Fiabe’ (literally: walking through fairy tales). It is a cycle of plays for children performed by top quality companies that are specialized in theatre for children.

img_20170129_154725On Sunday we went to see a beautiful play, Aquarium, by Fondazione Onlus Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani from Turin. It was a fascinating dive into a submarine world following Jules Verne’s footsteps. Using simple recycled objects such as pipes, rubber gloves, pins, boxes, funnels and scrubbing bushes, three young actors guided us across the ocean floor introducing to us many species of fish and under water creatures. It was an amusing and educational play. But what I liked the most, was the pure magic that the company created using simple ‘everyday’ objects combined with wit, humour and poetic sensitivity.


  1. Hi Simona– you really take advantage of all the art and beauty around you! the Aquarium production sounds intriguing– and how wonderful for Costanza to have such opportunities– great foundation for all she has ahead in the arts… i took the grand-girls to a little city production of Peter Pan last summer. Such a fun time…

    • Hi Rhonda, let me tell you a little secret. I totally agree with you that taking Costanza to theatre will help her develop skills in the arts and… in life! However, I do have such fun going to plays for children that I would ‘borrow’ a friend’s child just to be able to attend them :-))

      • funny Simona! And I totally get it– that’s why I bundle up the grand-girls when there is a kids movie I want to see (not as cultural, but fun!). that Costanza is blessed to have you as a mom. Hope you’re walking into a lovely weekend… xo

        • Grazie, Rhonda! Today I wanted to take Costanza to see ‘The BFG’ by Spielberg based on the novel by Roald Dahl but she’s got the ‘flue… Better luck next week-end 😉 Have a nice Sunday!

          • Hi Simona– went to see the BFG with the grand-girls. It was exciting and fantastical, but I love the book so much more– it’s simpler, more charming one of my favorite read-alouds. Hope you make ti to the movie with Costanza!! hugs!

          • Thank you Rhonda. Tomorrow I’ll go downtown Pesaro and buy it! We have such a lovely children library called ‘Le foglie d’oro’ (Golden leaves). If they let me I’ll take pictures and post them 🙂

          • Oh, I’d love to see it Simona! We don’t have any small cozy bookstores by us anymore– everyone buys books on line! But I’m up visiting my daughter in San Francisco and have some favorite bookstores here! Happy Reading! xox

          • Ciao Rhonda! Online shopping is actually very practical but I love leafing through books, hold them, touch them, getting to know them inside out 🙂 I bet in San Francisco there are wonderful bookstores. As you know, we live in a little town by the seaside 😉 xoxo

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