Happy Valentine’s Day Italy!

ape-rossoItaly lovers of the world… unite and celebrate your love for Italy today!

Go to an Italian restaurant, prepare a mascarpone cheese tiramisu dessert for dinner, make yourself an expresso, wear your favourite Prada bag (or, if like me you cannot afford Prada, just wear anything you have with a ‘made in Italy’ label on it), sing ‘O sole mio’ while taking a shower, cook any kind of pasta you have in the cupboard but don’t put ketchup sauce on it, at least not today, and – most of all – eat, pray and love!

Here’s my little tribute to my Belpaese: a picture gallery of a few posted photographs I took during the past years.

Have a great San Valentino.



  1. Love your list Simona! And what a beautiful collection of photos– my favorite is the Montefabbri photo– is that near you?? It just looks like a place I’d love to be. Did you celebrate Valentines Day?? We had dinner with a tableful of old friends and talked about marriage. It was delicious (we had 2 kinds of pasta– our host is Italian!!) and a sweet time with friends. Thanks for all those gorgeous pictures… hugs from here!

    • Ciao Rhonda! Grazie mille! Montefabbri is my favourite photo too. That little village is pure magic! Yes, we did celebrate San Valentino but we went to a Greek restaurant to have dinner (I love Greek cooking). What a sweet idea celebrating San Valentino with old friends eating Italian!). Have a nice week-start. xoxo

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