Want to live Milan as a local?

My dear followers, for six years I’ve shared with you my everyday life experiences, showing you the ‘real’ Italy lived by a ‘real’ Italian who loves her country.

Now I’m asking you to help me promote a new project I believe in: Lessons on How To Be Italian which you can find on PatreonHere I will help you live your Italian side like an Italian, sharing with you my experience, my tips and secrets.

Would you like an example? On Saturday I was in Milan to attend a fair; however, I was finished with my work meetings sooner than I had scheduled, so I went touring the heart of the city and enjoyed a couple of hours as a local. I mean, on the Piazza del Duomo there were flocks of tourists, as there were hoards of tourists walking through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

Of course I am not denying that while in Milan you should not walk across the Galleria, or that you should not shop inside La Rinascente.

But if you’d like to get a few hints on where to buy (really made in Italy and real cool) clothes and accessories; if you’d like to enjoy a coffee in a real Italian bar close to the Duomo but without the feeling of getting robbed (because you are a tourist); if you would like to live Milan as a local (don’t forget that Walter, my husband and food & Wine guy at WLB is from Milan!), well, you do not want to miss my coming-soon-on-Patreon post!

Plase help me share this project with your contacts! I promise you it is going to have gorgeous contents 🙂

Thank you all, grazie mille a tutti, in advance!



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