‘Greenery’ Dirce welcomes Spring at Pesaro Diocesan Museum

The Pantone Color Institute introduced ‘Greenery’ as the color of the year 2017 with the following statement: ‘a refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings’.

Well, Spring has just arrived and I guess that all of us like to look upon Spring as the occasion to renew ourselves outside (a healthier style? starting doing workouts? finding a diet that works?) and within (a wiser relationship with time? taking time for a coffee with friends? finally reading a good book?). La Dirce, presenting her third issue on histories and recollections (Foglio di Storie e Memorie) on April 1st at Pesaro Diocesan Museum, proves to be always updated on new trends and colors, sprinkling her ‘Foglio’ with ‘greenery’ pictures and ideas.

Those of you who follow me know who La Dirce is. For those who don’t I’ll just say that Mrs Dirce – the red-haired curious middle-aged woman on your left –  represents the authentic Italian hospitality you can experience in a very special corner of Italy: a magic territory between the Adriatic coast (the town of Pesaro, where the composer Gioachino Rossini was born) and the hilly hinterland towards the Renaissance ‘jewel’ of Urbino – the ‘World Heritage ‘Ideal City’ where the painter Raphael was born.

Mrs Dirce is a simple woman who loves making her own ‘passatelli’ or ‘tagliatelle’ and loves preparing local traditional food when her children and little nephews and nieces go to visit on Sundays. She lives in a little village on the hills, leads a happy life surrounded by beautiful landscapes in the northern Marche region (the ones Piero della Francesca depicted so well), eats local and healthy food and, most of all, loves cooking for friends and her beloved ones. A meal, is the soul of the cook turned into food: that’s her motto.

Going back to the presentation of the Foglio di Storie e Memorie taking place on April 1st, I think that it is a jewlery box displaying the true soul of this little corner of Italy and of Italy itself. In it you’ll find an interview with a 92-year-old lady living in the hilltop village of Ginestreto (a former mailwoman safeguarding recollections and stories of the village); an interesting article on a ‘greenery’ cope (‘piviale’) made with French silk and hosted by the Diocesan Museum and much more (Where Lemons Blossom has its own space on the ‘Foglio’ giving tips to tourists on how to discover the ‘real’ Italy: in this issue I suggest a ride on the San Bartolo mount to Fiorenzuola di Focara).

Anyway, the presentation of ‘Dirce Foglio’ is a good opportunity to visit the Diocesan Museum with its several halls: the mosaics hall, the archeological hall (from Roman to Renaissance times), the Eucharist hall, the hall of the Holy Sacrament Brotherhood (established in the year 1550), the Fabrics hall, the Sculpture hall and many other treasures of Pesarese Christian life through the centuries.

At the end of the presentation there will be a free guided tour.

Come and enjoy ‘greenery’ by Mrs Dirce!

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  1. So interesting Simona!! would have loved to be able to come to this special day– and how cool that you were a speaker there!! I know people appreciated your insights and suggestions! fun post! xox

  2. Ciao Rhonda! Thank you. It was a special day, also because people attending the event enjoyed a free guided tour within the little Diocesan Museum. Small but preserving real beautiful sacred art works!

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