Culture: Italy and the U.S.

I love to read about what foreign people like about Italy. I am Italian and Ilove this list, so true both as far as ‘positive’ aspects are concerned – history, art, slow pace – and as far as ‘less pleasant’ aspects – lines and toilets (oops!). Thank you Timeless Italy!

Timeless Italy Travels

With every trip I make to Italy, I find that after I return home to the states I’m constantly looking for that laid-back piazza. A place that reminds me of those things I love so much about Italy. I have come close to finding it, but not entirely. I keep searching for that slow-paced, friendly and relaxing atmosphere that feels so much like I’m really ‘home.’


Both Italy and the United States have customs and ways of doing things that are special. One is not necessarily better than the other, just different. So what is it that pulls at heartstrings when you mention the word, “Italy?” I’ve given this a lot of thought and wrote down the things I’ve grown to love and miss when I’m away.

  1. Slow Pace – Italians take their time when it comes to sharing a meal together. If eating out, the waiter is hailed down…

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  1. Lovely post, Italy is on my mind all of the time. I visit as often as I can. Lucky enough to live in Colorado, which is pretty special too!

  2. Fun analysis Simona! I think the things the blogger wrote about family and smaller town traditions are why we all love your blog. Wishing a trip to Italy were in our plans ahead… blessings to you friend. xo

  3. I love to see Italy through foreing people’s eyes! They all help me to appreciate Italy more than I already do! They also help me to see our week points – such as lines and toilets 😉

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