Down at the harbour

Yesterday morning, according to that ‘andamento lento’ (slow pace) we Italians are so fond of, Walter and I decided to break up our routine. After taking our daughter to school – and after our second espresso – instead of heading to our desks and turn our computers on we decided to break up our routine for a change and went for a walk along Pesaro sea-side. The day was bright and the air just cool enough not to have us sweat but not so cool to have us wear our overcoats. A perfect day for bananafish! Actually, as soon as we got to the harbour, we saw a few old men fishing– probably no bananafish though; just mullets and sea basses instead 😉

We started our walk by the Great Sphere by A. Pomodoro – The monument for us Pesaresi who use it as a meeting point for dinners or ‘pizzate’ out along the sea-side (‘vediamoci alla Palla’ – let’s meet at the Ball!’). Yes, Mr Pomodoro may not be quite satisfied by the way we call his Great Sphere (Sfera Grande)… la Palla! Anywway, we turned left, northbound, and started walking by the sea to the harbour (il porto). Half way though, being Italian (!), we felt the urge of another espresso (the third of the morning) so we called at the Terrazza Lounge (a overhead terrace where you can have lunch/dinner or simply enjoy a cappuccino as we did) right on the beach. The blue quiet Adriatic sea below, the colored geraniums and the hot cappuccinos, reminded us of the reason why we love living in Italy!

After walking for another ten minutes, and feeling tourists all the way down to the harbor (being a working day all Pesaresi were at work!), we arrived at the pier and… made another stop watching a few boats sailing by.

Then we started feeling a buit guilty for not being at home tapping on our computer keyboards (being a Catholic country we Italians apparently have to feel guilty for anything!), so we just headed towards our car. The short holiday was through but that inner peaceful and reassuring feeling that anything would be alright for the day has not left us yet 🙂



  1. All those briilliant shades of blue Simona!! Looks like it was a perfect place to sit for your second round of espressos! Don’t you love the chance to ditch the routine and take a little mini-vacation?? Thanks for taking us along. It’s so beautiful! xox friend!

    • Ciao Rhonda! Oh, yes, I love the chance to escape from every-day routine. Wish I could do it everyday. But then again, maybe I would not appreciate that as much as I do 😉 Have a nice Sunday. xoxo

      • I think you’re right Simona– it wouldn’t as exciting if you could enjoy it every day. But what a beautiful way to spend a day… Is summer showing up there?? That would make the sea even better! hugs friend! xo

        • Hi Rhonda! Oh yes, wildbrooms blooming all around and warm temperatures (25/28C°): Summer is definitely on its way! The sun is shining and will go on shining for the next week 😉 What about where you live? Are you having a nice temperature? Have a great week-end. Buon fine settimana! Hugs

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