‘Californiana’ lemon custard pie

I recently posted on Patreon a yummy recipe by auntie Chicca for a very special lemon custard pie that we call here Californiana.

For those of you who want to read the full recipe, just know that with a $5 a month tier you get 2 posts and 1 ‘secret family recipe’ on my ‘How to Be Italian‘ project 😉

Here is the story behind the ‘Californiana’… because every family recipe has its own story, doesn’t it?

* * *

On our parents’ wedding anniversary (Aug. 20th) we organized a friends’ reunion at our country house to celebrate their 53rd year of life together. We did not want to buy a cake though, as we knew that a home-made pie would be more appreciated. My sister Cristina, our family ‘cake expert’, made a ‘Californian pie’– one of our parents’ most loved desserts (my mother used to bake one on our birthday when Cristina and I were children). Why we call it ‘Californiana’ I don’t have the slightest idea. I doubt it though that it’s a common pie in California!



  1. HI Simona– Is Auntie Chicca really your aunt?? Looks like a fresh delicious cake! I love recipes that have been around in the family for years. so wonderful that you celebrate your parents anniversay!! Happy 53! hugs hugs1

    • Ciao Rhonda! Cristina is actually my sister. She is 5 years older than me and I call her ‘auntie Chicca’ or ‘zia Chicca’ because she is my daughter’s ‘aunt 🙂 I cannot help it. ‘Zia Chicca’ sounds so nice 😉 Grazie mille for your wishes. I will tell my parents who, incidentally, are going to have lunch with us in an hour. Have a nice day. xoxo

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