Italian sayings for September

September marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall, a delicate passage between that carefree mood carried along by idle days spent at the beach and the busy agenda full of activities and tasks to accomplish. Not to mention the fact that days slightly get shorter, mornings and evenings are chillier than before, the bird chirping in the morning is hardly audible as most of the birds are already heading to the warmer south.

This is when popular wisdom comes in handy. I am very fond of popular sayings as they preserve a great wisdom disguised by ordinary truth. All Italians are fond of them. Of course, the elderly people are the ones who quote them more often in their daily conversations, but still we use them quite a lot in our family.

Here is a good September proverb: Quando l’Angiolo si bagna l’ale piove fino a Natale. 

If you wish to find out what it means, read the full post on my Patron Project (How to be Italian)!


  1. Hi there Simona– I love just what you described– shorter, chillier days. Lazy summer gives way to activities and tasks… I feel like things just take on a lot more order and I’m glad for that… Hope it’s all unfolding well for you… hugs hugs.

    • Ciao Rhonda. My planned activities and tasks must slow down again for a while. In Italy we say: ‘l’uomo propone, Dio dispone’ (‘man proposes, God disposes’). Must take care of a person in our family who is not too well… But I guess I’ll just find a way to keep my blog updated and to answer to friends’ sweet messages like yours! Hugs and have beautiful days ahead. xoxo

      • Hi Simona– I love that saying. It’s so true. Sorry to hear life has taken a complicated turn. Hope that with your good care, your family member will make good progress. It’s beautiful how close your family is–how you take care of each other. I’ll be checking in on your blog even if you can’t post as much. Blessings friend. hugs hugs.

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