Italian pumpkin soup

With Halloween just around the corner I thought that auntie Chicca’s pumpkin soup, with sage and crispy cured pork belly, would be perfect for an October recipe.

This is why I posted today ‘la zuppa di zucca della zia Chicca’ (aunt Chicca’s pumpkin soup) on my lessons on How to be Italian on Patreon.

Besides, the alliteration of the ‘z’ in the title is also a good example to practice the last letter of the alphabet as many non Italians tend to pronounce it more like an ‘s’ – as in ‘rose’ – whereas it has to sound more like a ‘ts’ sound.

You may recite ‘la zuppa di zucca della zia’ as a mantra while preparing the recipe 😉


  1. Perfect Simona! Just right for this time of year– we are still eating lots of pumpkin here after Halloween, it’s a big part of our Thanksgiving. I love your blog because you have such varied posts– even a great looking pumpkin soup! You are amazing. Hope you had a pleasant weekend. Is it chilly there in the fall?? Soup weather? hugs from here.

    • I got to love pumpkin recently. I like pumpkin risotto and the pumpkin soup with sage and crispy bacon! It has just gotten a little chilly here (temperatures between 13C° and 17C°). Lovely colors all around though. And what about where you live? Yes, definitely soup weather here. We had been dreaming of cool weather for the whole hot Summer (we really had an usual heat between June and August) and I’m thankful for the rain! The Autumn is so beautiful! Baci (kisses) from Pesaro

  2. Hi Simona– We are celebrating our Thanksgiving Day here next week and I just wanted to tell you that I am so thankful for you and the chance to get to see your beautiful life there. You are amazing. hugs hugs!

    • Grazie mille, Rhonda! You are such a nice and caring woman 🙂 I’ve been busy lately in organizing a children’s exhibition at Caritas (where I volunteer) and yesterday, on First World Day of the Poor, we had a big lunch in a former church in Pesaro (the lunch of solidarity) where the exhibition is held. Hopefully I will post something between today and tomorrow! Each time I enter my WordPress Dashboard to check any news – and I find one of your lovely messages – my heart swells with joy! You certainly are FANTASTICA!!! Have a great week and a great Thanksgiving Day! Love, Simona

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