Easter pizza or Easter ‘crescia’ (La crescia di Pasqua)

tavola-pasqua-con-cresciaCiao a tutti! I am (finally) back! There is no good excuse for being away for such a long time. As always, I will try to make up by starting posting a lot 🙂

As tomorrow it’s ‘Pasqua’, I’d like to share with you again our family recipe for Easter ‘crescia’ – an Easter evergreen pecorino and parmisan cheese pie.

Happy Easter to you all!


Easter pizza or Easter ‘crescia’ (La crescia di Pasqua)

Where I live Easter is not quite Easter without crescia di Pasqua on our table (be it breakfast, lunch or supper time). Here is nonna Lella’s recipe for crescia di Pasqua:


  • flour: 500 gr. (superfine flour – ‘OO’);
  • 5 eggs (whole eggs);
  • 2 and 1/2 cubes of brewer’s yeast (75 gr);
  • olive oil: 100 gr.;
  • butter: 50 gr.;
  • (grated) grana padanocheese: 70 gr.;
  • (grated) pecorinocheese: 40 gr.;
  • one lemon peel (grated);
  • salt, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg.

Step 1: have brewer’s yeast melt in a ‘finger’ of water (or milk) in a bowl. Help the yeast melt working it with a fork or with a wooden spoon


Step 2: beat the eggs


Step 3: beat olive oil together with butter (the latter must be soft, not just taken out of the fridge!)

Step 4: mix flour, cheese, salt, pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg

Step 5: pour eggs, olive oil and butter and yeast into flour, and stir with a long wooden spoon (in the end using your hands)

versare versare-2 lavora-con-mani

Step 6: butter the baking pan (diameter: cm 22 – height: cm 12), and then pour flour into it (so that crescia di Pasqua won’t stick to it when ready to be served)

Step 7: cover the dough with a dishcloth and have it rise for about one hour in a terrine


Step 8: work the dough again (using your hands) and place it in the baking pan; then have it rise until it reaches the height of the pan

Step 8: place the pan into the preheated oven (175/180 C°) for about 45 minutes (however, after about 20 min. it’s better to cover the top of the crescia with oven paper, so that the top does not overcook – you can first make a ball out of the oven paper, then make it flat and place it on top)

Step 9 (the easiest): serve and eat!





  1. Hooray! So glad you’re back Simona. (although I very much understand if you have too much going on to blog on the regular). I’ve been checking in on your site– but didn’t want to keep leaving “I miss you comments”! This looks like a beautiful part of Easter. Don’t you love using recipes from people who’ve made them over the years for the family?? And that touch of lemon peel would make it taste so fresh! It’s lovely. So good to hear from you friend. xo

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