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Wouldn’t you like to experience what you read here? Want to spend a day or two of your Italian holiday —or all of it— in the Marche as seen from the heart?

Well, you can, and we’ll be glad to help.

You can of course skip the details and rush over to our first tour, A Music Tour Of The Marche.

A personal travel companion for a day or more

If you like art, let us show you how much each period has left in this region, from Rome through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Monasteries, secluded abbeys, museums, private galleries.

Nature and sights are what you are looking for? We’ll take you to unforgettable marine, countryside and mountain spots according to your tastes, or drive you along roads where every turn will offer an unforgetable view. A holiday within a holiday.

If memory is what you are after, walk with us along the battlefields of the Gothic line, where the British 8th Army and the German 10. Armee fought during the final autumn of WWII.

Or maybe you are you a foodie? Let us tour you through wines, beers, grappas, honeys, cheeses, breads, prosciutto, pancetta, coppa, salame, sausages, olive oils and truffles. Meet the producers, witness the process, taste the result. And maybe bring some back home to your heart’s (and your Customs allowance) content.

If music is your passion, we can arrange a private organ concert in a wonderful country church Or maybe you just want a chance to play music with fellow musicians? A local amateur orchestra will welcome you on one of their rehearsals, and if you play violin, viola or bass, lutist Maestro  Canu can lend you one of his own instruments.

Drop us a line, tell us your needs and we will be your personal travel companions: don’t just visit Italy, be italian for a while. Discover a different rhythm. Live all the things tourists will never discover. In our company, you will be treated like a welcome visitor, like a friend, not a tourist or a customer.

Explore with us a theme of your choice instead of a fixed itinerary. No plan, just options. And the freedom to always change your mind and pick something different next.

And if you’re tired of roaming, let us find you a real osteria where no guide would guide you, or a tiny hut  of a bar with a spectacular scenery, where all there is to do is stare at the colors of sunset.

What you get

  • an English-speaking Italian (i.e., one of us two) who will be your travel companion
  • knowledge of the territory at your disposal, full-time; forget the surprises of being abroad
  • decide what you want to do when you want to do it —no plans, just holiday
  • the freedom to change your mind at any moment and opt for different destinations
  • be welcomed by business owners at “food&wine” destinations

A full fledged Marche holiday, WLB-style

Inspired & Approved By WhereLemonsBlossm logo
Enjoy itineraries “Inspired & Approved” by WhereLemonsBlossom

A friend wanted to try something different for her travel agency, and found that our philosophy resonated with her ideas. So, we are proud to introduce you to a series of itineraries “Inspired and Approved” by Where Lemons Blossom.

Designed with all the professionality of a travel agent and all the ingenuity of our blog’s vision. Crafted and controlled to guarantee you a genuinely Italian experience in a traditional package. So far our friend has developed three itineraries we will publish in the coming days.

  1. A Music Tour Of The Marche
  2. And Being Shipwrecked Is Sweet To Me In This Sea (Sea-themed tour)
  3. A Ghostly Tour Between Marche And Romagna

And of course, once you are in the Marche, you can always drop us a line

What you get

  • a professionally designed holiday
  • must-see destinations along with real hidden gems
  • the full experience of  Italy as Italians live it
  • all locations verified in person and approved by Where Lemons Blossom

Interested? Drop us a line!

This tour is managed in collaboration with Viaggi&Aziende, an official tour operator.Logo - Viaggi & Aziende Tour Operator


  1. This is a very good idea: my best wishes for customers. Conventional guide-books are a wearisome thing (do you really want to know the painters, dates and titles of all those side-chapel paintings?), but a helpful and knowledgeable local makes a visit into a very different experience. The visitor also has to be allowed to explore and discover by chance, of course.

    • Hello Richard,
      exactly! We know how to make ourselves incospicuous. That is why we wrote “travel companion” and not “guide”. A companion knows you must feel free to do whatever you want. Even nothing at all.
      Drop a line when you happen to be around!

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