Since 2005 twice a year, in Springtime and in Fall, the FAMILIES of a few localities in the MARCHE Region (central Italy), open up the doors of their HOUSES to host NEW FRIENDS for dinner and to share with them, around the table, words and stories.

‘DINNERS AT HOME‘ (Le Cene in Famiglia) have become, in the past years, the HEART of an UNPRECEDENTED TRAVEL EXPERIENCE, told throughout a net of institutions, enterprises, accomodation facilities, associations and citizens, coordinated by tourism and culture professionals.

Travellers are hosted in selected B2B and are invited to DISCOVER the TERRITORY with the guide of CITIZENS who help them unveil unknown aspectes and hidden treasures of Italy.

At the end of the guided tours, guests may DINE in ONE of the HOUSES of the  MANY FAMILIES who JOINED the PROJECT: tradition’s recipes become the occasion to EXPERIENCE the most AUTHENTIC ITALIAN HOSPITALITY.


Pesaro and neighbouring villages (between the Adriatic coast and the hinterland hills) – From April 24th to April 27th 2014

In the Piceno Lands (southern Marche) – From May 9th to May 11th 2014

COME AND TASTE OUR HOSPITALITY. Where Lemons Blossom will be there!

INFO and BOOKING: – Ph. +39 (0)721 410025



  1. Sounds brilliant, I recall you writing a post on this last year… in the next few years, I plan to do this in Spring or Autumn. Just got to get a few things out of the way first!

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